Weird Citizens,
From FiveM to the Fantom BlockchainπŸ‘»!

Weird Citizens Og is a collection created to pay homage to the Players and Citizens of Weird City.

Each of these characters is unique in its own way and with its own roleplay story behind it.

Owners of these super cool NFTs will have benefits within the Weird Community unlocking the Weird Enthusiast Role and in addition 50% of minting revenues will be Staked on Hector DAO and each month we will split the earned $sHec of our "Staking Pool" within all our lovely HODLERS!


Hi! I'm Doc Freakin Weird ^_^

I hope you enjoy my first Project on a Blockchain with this Collection. Imho it's really awesome and i'm so Hyped for this!In the box below me you can find the Minting panel, you can Mint 5 Citizens for each transaction, price will start from 6FTM and will grow of 6FTM every 666 Citizens sold. If you need any help feel free to ask in our Discord.

Mint now your Weird Citizen!

Passports issued
Staked $Hec

Price 0FTM

You will love us

What Perks will the Weird Citizens HODLERS unlock?

Be part of WEIRD COMMUNITY projects on Fantom πŸ‘»!

Weird Enthusiasts Club

As HODLER you will have the Weird Enthusiast Role on our Discord to join the Club! You could shill your new fancy role within the community, BUT... That's not all! You will unlock special channels for Enthusiasts where have a preview on all the wip stuffs and be part of the decisional situations and furthermore unlock bonuses like extra points or ingame money on all present and future Weird Powered Game Servers!

Weird Citizens "private" Staking Pool

When minting will be over and we will withdraw the earnings, 50% of them will go on a wallet that will have a smart contract over it in order to stake the whole amount on Hector DAO! Every 1st day of the month all earned sHecs will be split among Weird Citizens' HODLERS! For example if we stake 100 and it will grow to 180, 80 of them will be splitted and the starting 100 will be left in staking for the next month revenues!,


Our plans for the future

We have big and ambitious plans for the future and we need your support to archieve them all!


Complete the Mint 🀟

First of all we need to stamp all Weird Citizens' passports on the Fantom Blockchain.


Withdraw to the pool wallet πŸ’°

When Minting will be over we will withdraw 50% of the earnings to 0x126C7E5fa8290E73Ad9E090F59C665DB76aC728C.


Staking and Rewards Smart Contract 🎁

Deploy the Smart contract to start the monthly Staking and Rewards system.


Expand to International Audience πŸ”

We are born as an Italian community, but with this collection we could have an expansion abroad. That would be lovely!✨


Kickstart Weird USA FiveM Server 🌎

We are now a little International Community so .. I think launching an International Weird City in the States is the minimum, right? 😜


New "WEIRDEVILS" NFT Collection 😈

Weird Citizens it's the first NFT Collections in our plans but we are already working on a future 10K unique hand drawn badass collection with standalone features! But we will disclose more about this in a second moment. πŸ™Š

MintPerksOur Plans

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